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MOVE ON from a toxic relationship with confidence.

Expert support for women who want to shed the shame, break old patterns, & start prioritizing their needs.

Meet Ann

Your New Teacher, Guide, Coach, & Cheerleader

Supporting women after shitty relationships is kinda my thing. In my work as a therapist, I've helped hundreds of women understand that what they went through is not their fault and go on to break the patterns that were keeping them stuck.


Resilient Rebound was created to be a safe space for women who feel isolated, crazy, and shameful to come and grow together. To learn that they're not alone in what they went through (it's actually a thing that has words to describe the experience). That what they went through isn't their fault. And that it is possible to move on and create safe, new lives and healthy relationships for themselves.


Knowledge is Power.

It's hard to get over something you can't describe. Or that you still question your role in.

Moving On Group

Grab your chamomile tea or sparkling water, whatever's your jam, so we can come together to talk about your past relationship and practice some tips for moving on.

Moving On Group is an 8-week, online educational group to help you understand and say goodbye to old patterns and confidently step into a new approach of loving yourself and healthy relationships. 

Support Group

Another Way to Learn!

If you want to dip your toe in this pool of relationship & recovery knowledge before taking the group plunge, E-courses are the thing for you.

They're convenient, affordable, and full of the info, coping skills, and reflection you need to grab some clarity and affirm that you've got this!

Resilient Rebound E-Courses are for you if you're ready too...

Understand toxic relationship patterns.

Stop the self-doubt. 

Find balance with useful self-care & coping skills.

Set boundaries like a boss.

Move on with confidence.

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What other women are saying...

After my divorce was finalized I was full of anxiety and self-doubt. Over time and with Ann's support things got better. Now I feel more confident and like myself.

- Rose*

*name changed for privacy

Resilient Rebound is on point. Ann gets the dynamics of harmful relationships and the struggles women face afterward. I wish every woman who’s been in a toxic relationship had this kind of support in her recovery.

- Leslie

As a single mom the stakes of dating again are really high. Getting into another abusive situation is not an option. The support and insight I’ve received from Ann have been life-changing. It’s given me a whole new hope for dating and living the kind of life I want.


- Abby*

*name changed for privacy


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