Rediscover how to trust yourself so you can experience and enjoy the healthy relationship you deserve.

The Resilient Rebound was created for women looking for support and tools when navigating the dating scene, but unsure of where to start after leaving or recovering from a toxic or abusive relationship. It can be overwhelming, nerve racking and exciting all at once to think about having someone in your life again.

We get it.

We are here to help.

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When you start subscribing to our weekly emails & begin marinating on our content,  you’ll notice we are always supporting your journey in two ways: Healing From & Hopeful For

Healing From

Healing from a toxic or abusive relationship is a process, not an event. The physical person may be out of your life and the external dangers may be gone, but the internal repair continues. Emotional wounds take longer to heal than most physical injuries. Unhealthy, negative beliefs and patterns of thinking about ourselves are difficult to undo but not impossible. This is why we believe it is so important to constantly provide psycho-education, tools, and TLC so you can recover from the past and thrive.

Hopeful For

Being hopeful is our favorite part of this journey. You’ve been through some ishhh but those things don’t define you, they are just part of your story. You have every right to have hope for ALL THE THINGS: feeling strong, feeling confident, getting butterflies, being seen, and connecting with a potential partner in a healthy relationship. The person we choose to be in a relationship with is a direct reflection of the worth we see in ourselves…. And we are hopeful you’ll start to see what we see in you.

Reconnect with that light, playful, empowered and dare we say sexy?!? side of yourself (while having some fun in the process). 

It's never too late

to show up for yourself.

Rediscover what it means

to thrive

in the dating world. 

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