Stop settling for assholes. 

Resilient Rebound helps women...

Start trusting themselves,

Set boundaries,

Stop settling in relationships. 

Discover your dating blind spot.

Resilient Rebound helps women stop settling by using a 

3-part framework:




It’s normal to be filled with self-doubt after a toxic or abusive relationship ends, especially when you start thinking about dating and new relationships.

How did something that initially felt so right end up causing so much pain?

What makes me think I won’t choose wrong again?

How do I trust myself, let alone someone else - again?


Resilient Rebound's Resiliency Circle provides the guidance, support, & proven strategies to help women stop settling & learn to trust themselves again.

Trusting yourself after a harmful relationship is hard. 

We're here to help.

We've helped hundreds of women reclaim trust in themselves as they navigate the challenges of dating after a toxic relationship.

"Resilient Rebound is on point. They get the dynamics of harmful relationships and the struggles women face afterwards. I wish every woman who’s been in an abusive relationship had this kind of support in her recovery." 


-Leslie, Minnesota

"When I first started dating after my divorce was finalized I was full of anxiety and self-doubt. Over time and with the support of Ann and Rachel things got better. I recently started dating a really great new guy. I’m excited about this relationship.  I’m so grateful to have my trusty Wing Women to rely on for support when I need it."

-Kate, Colorado



"As a single mom the stakes of dating again are really high. Getting into another abusive situation is not an option. The support and insight I’ve received from Resilient Rebound has been life-changing. It’s given me a whole new hope for dating and living the kind of life I want." 


-Sarah, Montana

Resilient Rebound's 3-Part Framework was created by therapists with decades of experience successfully supporting women in rebuilding trust in themselves.



 Gain a different perspective on what you went through and learn the information that is vital to understanding yourself and relationships, both healthy and harmful. Boundaries, coping techniques, communication skills, red flags, and more. So. Much. More. 



Sometimes our own inner voice is the most harmful. Let’s change that. Identify and challenge negative self talk. Develop and commit to new self care practices that promote a strong intuition. Treat yourself how you want to be treated by others.




Join other women who’ve been where you’ve been. An encouraging, shame-free space to get the support you want and need (and duh we want to live vicariously through your dates!)


Hello! We’re your Wing Women!

Supporting women who are full of self-doubt and worry about dating is both personal & professional for us. As therapists, we’ve supported hundreds of women in and out of toxic relationships. Watching these women grow, reconnect with themselves, and create the positive lives they want and deserve never gets old.

We believe that while stories of abuse in relationships all have similar themes, each woman’s story of what she went through and how she heals is as unique and special as she is. Which is to say, a lot.

You don't have to do this alone.

Resilient Rebound Facebook Group is a free resource to share your fears & hopes related to relationships, dating, and healing from the past. This community of empathy, compassion, and the support of other women who truly ‘get it.’ is waiting for you.

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