Resilient Rebound helps women, like you...

  • move on from toxic relationships, 

  • rebuild trust in yourself, &

  • practice self-compassion 


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Girl, you've been through some shit!

Sleepless nights. Walking on eggshells. Wondering what you could do differently to make things more peaceful between the two of you.

The good times you had together, in the beginning, were downright amazing!


But then those good times became fewer and fewer. You found yourself with someone who was at once both irresistible and harmful. 


You were made to feel crazy.


You even thought if YOU could change enough, maybe the relationship could work out.

You were never the problem!


You have hope for the future.


You want more for your life


and you don't want to settle.


But the memories stick with you.


Both the good memories, which make it tempting to go back, and the most toxic moments, which still make you feel crazy. 

You don't want your past to determine the rest of your life. But thinking about moving on and dating again, is really scary.


You've made it this far! There's no going back!

How We Help!

Meet  Ann, your New Wing Woman!

Hello there!


Supporting women after shitty relationships is both personal & professional for me. I remember clearly sitting in a training almost 20 years ago to become an abuse survivor advocate. While learning about toxic relationships, I saw my friends' experiences reflected in the information and stories I was hearing as well as my own when I was a teen. It was crazy to learn that this was a THING. And other women had gone through it too!

As a professional therapist, I have cherished watching women grow and reconnect with themselves after a toxic relationship. I love watching each woman rediscover her love for herself and create the positive life she wants and deserves. It truly never gets old.

I believe that while stories of harmful relationships all have similar themes, each woman's story of what she went through and how she heals is as unique and special as she is. Which is to say, a lot!

I look forward to hearing your story!

Your Wing Woman,


Trusting yourself after a harmful relationship is hard. 

Resilient Rebound is here to help.

Ann has helped hundreds of women reclaim trust in themselves as they navigate the challenges of dating after a toxic relationship.

"Resilient Rebound is on point. Ann gets the dynamics of harmful relationships and the struggles women face afterward. I wish every woman who’s been in a toxic relationship had this kind of support in her recovery." 


-Leslie, Minnesota



"As a single mom the stakes of dating again are really high. Getting into another abusive situation is not an option. The support and insight I’ve received from Resilient Rebound have been life-changing. It’s given me a whole new hope for dating and living the kind of life I want." 


-Abby, Montana

"When I first started dating after my divorce was finalized I was full of anxiety and self-doubt. Over time and with Ann's support things got better. I recently started dating a really great new guy. I’m excited about this relationship.  I’m so grateful to have my trusty Wing Woman to rely on for support when I need it."

-Rose, Colorado


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