Hi! I'm Ann!

I'm the minivan-driving suburban mom / toxic relationship expert/therapist who wants to help you understand and move on from your toxic relationship.

I know what it means to be emotionally hurt by someone who said they cared about me. I've seen women I love be treated so cruelly and disrespectfully and felt powerless to help them.


And I've witnessed the relief and joy women in my clinical work feel when they finally start feeling closer to normal and connected with themselves again. 


These are my motivations for why I do what I do. Because I don't want any woman going through this alone.


I feel so much joy when I can help a woman find the words to understand what she has gone through. Because there's a power in knowing that you're not making this up and you're not crazy.

Image by carolyn christine

I really liked how it felt like we, as "clients" felt like we were on the same level as you. It felt very comfortable. I felt like I was discussing the topics and sharing with someone who, yes, has clinical experience, but who is also a friend. 

-Symone from EyeonDV