Resiliency Circle 

An inclusive membership experience to help you rebuild trust in yourself so you can stop settling for assholes.

Slowly, you’ve started taking care of yourself again. Journaling. Yoga. Watching the movies you used to love. Connecting with your girlfriends. Reconnecting with yourself.

You’ve kicked your last toxic & harmful relationship to the curb. For good. Because you know it’s better to be alone than be with someone who treats you like ish.

You’re getting used to not walking on eggshells anymore. And that feels good. 

You start wondering, "am I ready for my next relationship?” 


The stakes are high, 

the 'what ifs' are scary,

and your insecurities are real. 

Your heart has “picked” wrong before. What if that happens again? 


Every time someone shows the slightest bit of interest in you, you panic. 


Even when you find a nice person you worry, What if they want to kiss me goodnight? Or more?! 


Where’s the manual on how to do this?! This s#%t is confusing!

 When you talk to certain friends about your past relationships, they just don’t get it. They haven’t been there. You feel like you are being judged, and it can feel lonely.  

A one-size-fits-all approach will NOT work.

You need something tailored to YOUR life and experiences. 


  • Expert knowledge on healthy relationships & attachment.

  • Practical tips on useful skills, such as coping, assertive communication, & setting boundaries,

  • Guidance for rebuilding trust in yourself throughout the process.

“We have seen WAY too many amazing women settle in relationships over and over again. We're on a mission to help women know their worth” 

All this provided by 2 therapists-turned-Wing-Women.

It's time to move forward! 

The Resiliency Circle is....

  • Led by 2 therapists-turned-Wing Women with loads of experience supporting women in reclaiming their intuition and stopping the cycle of dating jerks. 

  • An ongoing journey of healing to promote your sense of compassion & love for yourself.

  • A safe & supportive community of other resilient women who ‘get it.’

  • A shame & judgment-free zone

The Resiliency Circle is NOT....

  • One-on-one therapy or individual coaching.

  • Focused only on the hard or negative things about the past.

  • Passive. This community creates change only with YOUR voice and courage. 

  • Boring. We are hilarious. (No, really – we are!)


When you join the Resiliency Circle you will...

Reconnect with & hone your intuition.

Commit to stopping your pattern of settling for less than you deserve in relationships.

Engage in self-care and self-love like never before.

Apply expert knowledge on all things relationships, boundaries, coping & communication skills, and healing to your life and romantic interactions.

Shed the shame with the support of other Resilient Women, just like you

Here's How It  Works

Through our 3-part framework you will receive expert support to reclaim trust in yourself and stop settling in relationships.




The Resiliency Circle addresses the core issues that lead to transformation while remaining light, engaging, and interactive. 

What’s better? You won’t be alone!

Two therapists-turned-Wing Women are available for cheerleading, laughs, expert insight, constructive feedback, and listening ears.  

Other Resilient Women. Sharing & caring with other badass survivors who are committing to themselves and ready to be your sounding board, 


The format of our membership revolves around 1 topic per month with a new way to engage around that topic each week. Examples of topics include anything to do with relationships. Think boundaries, communication skills, and sex & intimacy to name a few.

Week 1


Each month is kicked off with an engaging and fun 10-20 minute lesson about a topic related to relationships.


Our lessons are long enough to provide impactful information while being short enough to fit into your busy schedule.

Week 2

Mix It Up!

Why? Because variety is the spice of life. And because you deserve a tailored approach on how to apply each lesson topic best in your life. 


Examples for this week include observing or participating in hot seat coaching calls, short homework assignments such as worksheets or journal prompts, or useful self-care strategies.

Week 3

Open Door Hours

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Drop in to our private group to say hello, ask questions, get feedback on your relationship and trust stressors, & watch other women receiving supportive coaching.

Week 4

Resilient Rebound

Happy Hour

Join your Wing Women and other Resilient Women as we wind down the topic of that month with a beverage of your choice. For Ann, it will most likely be a sparkling water. Share your experiences with what you learned and how you applied it or with just what you’ve been going through in general. We love chatting about all things dating, relationships, self-compassion, and dealing with assholes.


The Resiliency Circle is perfect for….

  • Women who are ready to let go, shed the shame of their past, and move forward.

  • Women who don’t want to play games when it comes to dating – you want more and you don’t want to settle. 

  • Women who want to reconnect with their intuition and feel a sense of personal empowerment when it comes to dating and relationships.

  • Women are ready to engage and participate, even if it makes them uncomfortable. 

  • Women who want to stop dating assholes.

The Resiliency Circle is NOT for women who…

  • Are still romantically linked to the person who caused them harm.

  • Are completely closed off to the idea that they deserve better. (We KNOW you deserve better!)

  • Experience significant symptoms of trauma or other mental health issues, such as dissociation and suicidal thoughts. 

  • Will be judgmental, disrespectful, or otherwise harmful towards other Resilient Women, especially those of diverse backgrounds. Safety is key to any Resilient Woman’s success and is a requirement.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time each week will the Resilient Rebound membership program take?

It all depends on you! Like anything, you get out of the program what you put into it. 


Typically, you’ll spend 20-45 minutes per week engaging in concentrated information focused on helping you heal, connect, and grow in confidence. Not to mention the time you will put into thinking about the content and applying it into your life. 


If you want more, join us in conversation in our Facebook Group!

Is this therapy?

The Resiliency Circle is a skills-based and educational program. It is NOT therapy. 

What if my story is different?

Every story is different. Some stories are more intense than others. All stores are unique and special to the person who lived it. 


Despite these differences, there are common themes within the experience that serve as a strong connection between all Resilient Women. 


If you’re very concerned about whether the Resiliency Circle is right for you, shoot us an email.

Some of the relationship examples you give in your content don't seem to apply to me. For example, “I’ve never been hit.” or “My relationship wasn’t abusive but I do have a lot of anxiety about dating.” Can I still join?

The Resilient Rebound community is open to all women who have experienced interactions in previous relationships that were harmful, hurtful, and hard to move on from. Our community is about connection, not comparison.

Sign me up!

What are my next steps? 

We are so excited for you to take these first steps towards thriving while dating! This is what you need to do next.

See you in the Resiliency Circle!


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