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After the Darkness:
Healing From A Traumatic Relationship

An e-course to shed light on the pain of the past, and guide you to moving forward towards the love and life that was always meant for you.

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How do you feel when you look back on your past relationship?

Confusion, pain, shame?


Do you find yourself wondering how things got that bad, or blaming yourself for the role that you played in all of it?

Maybe you are unsure about what you experienced. Was it abuse? Did they gaslight me?

How is the pain of the past still impacting you today?

You’re afraid to love again, thinking that you are bound to repeat the same mistakes.


You stay up at night replaying scenes of the past, unable to forgive or trust yourself.


Constantly asking, “How did I allow this to happen to me?”

It all just feels heavy and like way too much to unravel.

You may have moved on physically,
but your heart and mind are still stuck in the past.


So many women have been where you are and know exactly how you feel.


The best part is, that so many women have also found healing and growth through examining their past and allowing themselves to be healed.


You can do the same healing work in,
“After The Darkness,” an e-course designed specifically to help women like you process your traumatic relationship and move forward to a brighter future

“After The Darkness: Healing From A Traumatic Relationship” is a 4-module, self-paced course that was created to help you...

  • examine your past relationship,

  • gain understanding about abuse and put words to what happened,

  • learn the skills to help you heal and move forward.

If you are ready to finally move forward and begin healing from the trauma of your romantic past, this course is for you. 


Meet Ann


Hello! I'm Ann, the creator of “After The Darkness.” I designed this course because I wanted to create a way for women to begin to heal from the pain of traumatic and abusive relationships in their own time and on their own terms.


In my practice as a clinical therapist, I stand alongside women who are doing this life-changing healing work, and I see firsthand just how hard it can be. I also see the amazing transformation that can happen when a person is armed with the skills and knowledge to understand and cope with the pain of their past.


I believe that every person who has survived a traumatic relationship deserves to have their pain acknowledged, honored, and healed. 


If you are looking for a space to be able to untangle what happened to you, and process it on your own time with professional guidance from me, I invite you to enroll today. I would be honored to be your guide on your journey “After The Darkness.”  


This course will...

Give you space and time to look back on what really happened in your relationship so that you can begin to make sense of it all.

Provide you with answers. By helping you understand the psychological and clinical explanation for the behaviors of you and your past partners, you will finally be able to see the “why” behind your stories.

Empower you by teaching you coping skills and strategies to not only help you heal your past, but prepare you to enter future relationships from a place of health and wholeness

What to Expect

“After the Darkness” is a self-paced course so that you can take as much time as you need to process these difficult concepts. You will be guided through 4 modules, all designed to teach you more about you, your relationship, and your healing. 


Each module consists of video lessons and an in-depth digital workbook to help you work through the concepts as they apply to your experience and practice the skills and tools that will lead to your healing. 

4 Modules

Here's a peek at what's inside!

Module 1:
What is Toxic? What is Abuse?

Module 2:
Trauma Bonding, Coercive Control, & Types of Abuse

Module 3:
Overt Abuse, Covert Abuse, & Gaslighting

Module 4:
Shame & Self-Compassion

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E-Course Module 4-  Self-Compassion.png
E-Course Module 2 - Trauma Bonding .png
E-Course Module 4-  Shame. (2).png

 Included in this program: 

  • 6 videos, each lasting 10-20 minutes. Recordings are packed with relevant info to understand and move on from abuse, case studies, and coping skills.

  • 1 digital workbook, that corresponds with each module and serves as the light that guides you on your path of healing. Apply what you learn to your situation and reflect with a structure that provides a sense of safety. 

  • 2 guided relaxation exercises to help you learn and practice new ways of managing stress. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete this course?

The course is self-paced, which means that you can go through it as quickly or as slowly as you would like. The beauty of a self-paced course is that you can take your time, and even revisit modules that are of particular interest to you.

Each lesson is approx. 10-20 minutes in length, and there are 6 lessons included in the course. 


Reflection time is what you make it. Like anything, the more you put into it, the more you get out ot it. 

I am a very private person, will I have to tell anybody about the details of my relationship?

This course is self-paced and private. All of the work you do in your workbook will be for your eyes only. If you decide that you would like to talk to others to learn more and gain deeper understanding about how this all applies to you and your relationship, Ann offers group coaching services.

I don’t think my relationship was abusive, should I still take the course?

Yes! This course will help you understand if your relationship was indeed abusive or not, and even if you find that it was not “technically” abusive, you will find that a toxic relationship also requires healing.


This course will provide you with the chance to find clarity about your past and help you move forward.

I have already tried therapy, how is this course different?

This course is a great option for both people who are not in traditional therapy and for those who are.


If you are already working with a clinician, share what you learn during the course with your therapist for further processing. This course has a lot of info that therapists often don't have the time to share during the course of a 50-minute session.


If you are not in therapy, the self-reflection process that is embedded into the curriculum will help you take the information you learn in the lessons and reflect on how they apply to your life. 

But how much does it cost?



This includes:

  • Instant access to the course so you can start today!

  • Everything included as described above, including 2 guided relaxation exercises to use over and over again!

  • Lifetime access to the course so you can keep coming back to it, including any future updates that are added along the way.  

*Special note, this is waaaay less than the price of repeating these patterns again! 


"I knew I had several issues to work through after being involved in several abusive relationships but I had no idea where to start. This course helped me to make sense of my past and gave me many helpful tools to continue my journey of self-compassion and healing. I would gladly recommend this course to anyone who has experienced any type of abuse in relationships. 

- Christina*

* identifying information has been changed

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