It's Time to Move On!

Online Groups for Women who Recently Divorced or Broke Up with a Toxic Ex.

Move from confused, ashamed, scared, and alone
to having connection, confidence, clarity,
and boat loads of self-compassion.
You know deep down it's better to be alone than to be with someone who treats you bad. But that doesn't make being alone any easier.
It sucks to be lonely. You end up thinking about your past relationship a lot. A LOT. You talk about it with the people who love you. But no one actually really gets what you've been through.
They don't understand, and you don't want to be judged.
So you keep a lot to yourself. And being alone with your thoughts can be a scary & sad place to be.
Sometimes random thoughts and memories pop in your head at the exact wrong moment. So many arguments and accusations that STILL make you second guess yourself.
You're trying to make sense of the relationship that was so good in the beginning but then became a harmful mess.
You're not alone.
What you went through is not your fault. 
We can help you start feeling like yourself again.

Are you ready to move past your past?

Join a group with other resilient women who have been through their own versions of a relationship nightmare.


Prepare for that goosebump tingly feeling when you realize how every woman's story is different and yet, you all have soooo much in common.

This 8-week group will help you...

Stop second guessing yourself

Treat & think about yourself with kindness &


Feel prepared & 

full of self-love when you're ready to start dating again. 

Group Schedule

Week 1: Patterns in Toxic Relationships

Week 2:  What It's Like After It's Over

Week 3: Red Flags of a Toxic Partner

Week 4:  Attachment Styles

Week 5:  Self-Care & Self-Compassion

Week 6:  Codependency & Boundaries

Week 7:  Communication Styles & Skills

Week 8:  Healthy Relationships

Each 90-minute group provides an engaging educational lesson on the above topics, opportunities for personal sharing, & ends with a short relaxation exercise. 

Resilient Rebound's Online Educational Groups are for women who have gotten out of a toxic relationship and are looking to clear their heads. They want a better relationship with themselves and need a safe, judgment-free space to share their experience and hear from other women who get it.

Our groups are...

  • Bonding experiences with an emphasis on safety and consistency. Once a group starts, the same women meet every week.

  • Limited in space. Groups are limited to 8 women max.

  • Supportive, educational, meaningful, and fun.

  • Shame & judgment-free zones.

Our groups are NOT...

  • For women still romantically linked to a toxic partner.

  • Group therapy. All groups are educational and skill-building in nature. Not focused on feelings and deeply processing the past.

  • Gossip sessions. Our groups are about meaningful work & moving you forward.

  • Boring or super heavy downers.  

Ann Getty pic smaller.jpeg

About Ann

In Ann’s first job as a therapist, she became a master group leader when she facilitated a group Every. Single. Day. with an ever-changing and diverse group of adults in East Los Angeles County.


Over the course of her career, she has overseen the facilitation of thousands of groups, most of which were specifically designed by her for women in and out of harmful relationships.


Ann strives to find the perfect mix of addressing the serious stuff to make a group meaningful and useful while remaining lighthearted and funny.



Apply here!


What is the application process?

Once you submit an application. someone from our team will be in touch to schedule a 15-minute consultation call to make sure you are a good fit for the group. This also provides you an opportunity to ask questions and get to know the facilitator before the group starts,

What is the time commitment?

All groups are

-90-minutes in length

-Held online 

-Run for  8 weeks

Groups are held...

(Pacific Time)

Monday 4:15-5:45 

Thursdays  12:30-2:00

How much does it cost?

Groups are $475. This comes out to under $60 per session. Payment plans are available.

Resilient Rebound is for educational purposes only. It does not claim to offer a course of psychotherapy nor does it serve as a substitute for it. 

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