6 Tips for Coping with Loneliness

Updated: May 7

Loneliness is hard! But being alone doesn't have to be.

Fears and feelings surrounding loneliness are common reasons good people end up in shitty relationships.

Here are our 6 best tips for coping with loneliness.


Schedule regular social time with friends. It could be Zoom dates with people across the country or actual in-person meet-ups. Seeing supportive people who make you smile on the regular helps you remember that you're not actually alone. Aim for one social gathering per week and a few social connections via messaging per day.

Take note of what you’re bringing to the party. If you’re dating, this is a good time to re-evaluate your hopes for your relationship future. Make commitments to yourself. Clarify your boundaries. Identify what you're looking for in a future partner and what would be definite deal-breakers.

Plan a future trip. Research shows that people are happiest when they are planning a trip. In fact, social scientists have found that people are happier when they are planning their vacation than they are when actually on vacation. We might not know when we can travel safely and ‘normally’ again, but we do know that short-term happiness can be found in planning a fun, future trip to a dream destination.

Use snail mail. Send a letter or postcard once a week to someone you care about. Putting a smile on their face will ultimately give you the warm fuzzies and maybe even a response in your own mailbox.

Treat your body right. Move your body, eat healthily, and prioritize your sleep. Negative feelings have a way of taking over and blowing things out of proportion when our bodies are stagnate, tired, and over-sugared.

Connect on social media...kind of. Connecting on social media has its pros and cons. Cons if your feed is full of content that encourages doom-scrolling til the wee hours. Pros if it provides you a community of others you are connected and safe with.

Our last tip is more of an reach out for the support you need. Loneliness is hard for everyone in different ways and we're only going to get through it if we go together.

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